A squirrel went nuts after drinking alcohol inside a club in the UK

AT first sight it looked like the club had been broken into and ransacked.

Beer was overflowing from the trays and onto the floor, which was also strewn with money and straws and glasses and bottles were knocked off their shelves of Honeybourne Railway Club in the market town of Evesham in Worcestershire, England.

“At first I thought we’d been burgled but I realised it was all still locked up and that’s when we saw the squirrel,” club branch secretary Sam Boulter told Worcester News .

“I’d never seen anything like it before — he had ran around the shelves and across the bar.

“There were bottles scattered around, money scattered around and he had obviously run across the bar’s pumps and managed to turn on the Caffrey’s and also managed to ruin some barrels too.

“He must have flung himself on the handle.

“I think we lost about £300 ($632) worth of stock but it is just one of those once in a lifetime things — I hope!”

The squirrel came out from behind a pack of chips, 62-year-old Sam said.

“He must have flung himself on the handle and drank some as he was staggering around all over the place and moving a bit slowly,” BBC reported .

“I’ve never seen a drunk squirrel before. He was sozzled and looked a bit worse for wear, shall we say.”

It took Sam and two customers an hour to capture the ‘drunk’ squirrel in a waste paper bin and it was released into the field outside the club from a window.

It took Sam another hour to clean up the mess.

Source: heraldsun.com


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