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Dozens of Iraqis killed as Isis targets Baghdad during Ramadan

An Islamic State car bomb that targeted families eating ice-cream after breaking their Ramadan fast has killed at least 13 people and wounded 40 more in southern Baghdad.

The blast outside a popular shop in the Karrada district of the Iraqi capital was followed by another attack outside an office where people collect their government pensions.

Isis quickly claimed responsibility for the first attack on Monday night, which Iraqi officials said appeared to involve remotely detonated explosives inside a parked car.

However, there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the second blast, on Tuesday, which took the death toll to 27 – the highest in Baghdad for several months.

The attacks will exacerbate fears that Isis will use Ramadan to intensify its campaign against civilians as it continues to lose ground to Iraqi forces in Mosul.

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Head of Isis in Afghanistan confirmed killed in joint US operation

The head of Islamic State in Afghanistan, Abdul Hasib, has been killed by Afghan and US special forces in the eastern province of Nangarhar, according to officials. 

Hasib, appointed last year after his predecessor Hafiz Saeed Khan died in a US drone strike, is believed to have ordered a series of high profile attacks including one on 8 March on the main military hospital in Kabul, a statement said.

Last month, a Pentagon spokesman said Hasib had probably been killed during the raid on 27 April by US and Afghan special forces in Nangarhar during which two US army Rangers were killed. But prior to Sunday’s announcement there had been no confirmation.

Source: Guardian 

Son of Australian ISIS terrorist smiles with dead body

The six-year-old son of Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf is being used in more ISIS propaganda as his father fights in the Middle East.

A photo shows the notorious jihadist’s youngest son Humzeh posing with a sign attached to the body of a man strung up on a cross with cable ties.

The sign, which the boy is pointing to, reads: ‘The Crime: Collaborating with Christians. The Punishment: Execution.’

Source: Daily Mail